Cancellation / Refund Policies
  1. Refund for cancellation or cancellation of availed services or credits purchased can not be provided.
  2. Credits purchased should be used only through availing the services Provided.
  3. In the event of audit by us or yourself or third party indicating a discrepancy between the amount billed to you through credit usage and your actual use in such a billing cycle, we undertake to refund the excessive Charges paid by you as credits (if any), within 30 (Thirty) days of completion of such an audit.
  4. In the event no discrepancies are found in the amount billed to you in the form of credits, then within 10 (Ten) days of completion of the audit, you will give a letter in writing to us stating that there were no discrepancies in the Billing Reports.
  5. Any Litigation's or filings are subject to Nagercoil Jurisdiction Only as per the agreed onboarding terms.



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